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                                      Reading List

The following is a partial list of books that I have read over the years and have written short summaries on.

If you would like recommendations on books to read for yourself or for a gift, contact me and I'll gladly offer some suggestions.

Abbott, E. C.                                We Pointed Them North

Abernathy, John                            Catch EM Alive Jack

Ambrose, Steven                           Undaunted Courage

Arness, James                               James Arness An Autobiography

Barnett L.                                      Touched By Fire

Barrow, Blanche                           My Life With Bonnie and Clyde

Brackenridge H. M.                      Views of Louisiana

Brininstool                                    Troopers With Custer

Buck, Daniel                                 Indian Outbreaks

Carmichael, Mary H.                    Pioneer Days   


Carroll, John                                 Cavalry Bits

Carroll, John                                 PVT Theodore Ewertís Diary

Carver, Jonathan                          Three Years Travels

Chittenden, Hiram                        The American Fur Trade

Clark, C. M. M. D.                       A Trip to Pike's Peak and Notes by the Way

Clarke                                           The Men Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

Cooke, Philip St. George              Journal of Philip St. George Cooke

Cox, James                                   Five Years in the U. S. Army

Crawford                                      Rekindling Camp Fires

Crawford, Samuel                        Kansas In The Sixties

Custer, Elizabeth                         Tenting on the Plains

Custer, Elizabeth                         Following the Guidon

Custer, Elizabeth                          Boots and Saddles

Custer, George                             My Life on the Plains

Crittenden, H. H.                          Crittenden Memoirs



Dalton, Emmett                            When the Daltons Rode

Davies, Henry                              Ten Days on the Plains

De Barthe, Joe                              Life And Adventures Of Frank Grouard

Dixon, Olive                                  Life of Billy Dixon

Dodge, Richard                            The Black Hills

Dodge, Richard                            Our Wild Indians

Dykstra, Robert                            Cattle Towns
Eaton, Frank                                  Pistol Pete Veteran of the Old West

Finerty, John                                 War-Path And Bivouac

Flint, Timothy (Pattie James)        The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie

Fortune, Jan                                  Fugitives

Fowler, Jacob, (Coues)                 The Journal Of Jacob Fowler

Freeman, Lewis                             Down the Yellowstone

French, William                             Some Recollections Of A Western Ranchman 

Forsyth, George                            The Story of the Soldier

Frost, Gordon                                Iím Frank Hamer

Frost, Lawrence                            The Court-Martial Of Custer

Frost, Lawrence                             The Custer Albumn

Frost, Lawrence                            Custer's Libbie

Frost, Manion, Beal, Horn            Addressing the Custer Story

Fuller, Hafen Leroy                       The Journal Of Captain John R. Bell (Longís Expedition)

Gillett, James                                  Six Years With The Texas Rangers 1875 to 1881

Grant U. S.                                      Memoirs Of U.S. Grant



Hale, Will (Stone)                        Twenty Four Years a Cowboy  & Ranchman

Hazen, W. M.                                Our Barren Lands
Hazen, W. M.                                Some Corrections to My Life on the Plains

Heard, I.                                         History Of The Sioux War and Massacres of 1862 and 1863

Horn, Tom                                     Life Of Tom Horn

Huntington, George                      Robber and Hero

Jacob, J. G.                                    The Life and Times of Patrick Gass

James, Thomas                             Three Years Among The Indians And Mexicans

Jennings, N.A.                              A Texas Ranger

Kimball Maria Brace                    A Soldier-Doctor Of Our Army 



King, Charles                                Campaigning With Crook

Lehman, Herman                           Nine Years Among The Indians 1870-1879

Lewis, William S. John Work      The Journal of John Work

Marcy, R. B.                                 Army Life On The Border

McReynolds, Robert                   Thirty Years on the Frontier

McCreight, Major I.                     Buffalo Bone Days

Meredith, Grace E.                       Girl Captives of the Cheyennes

Monaghan, Jay                             Life Of Custer

Montgomery, M. R.                      Jefferson And The Gun-Men

Myers, Frank                                Soldiering In Dakota



OíReilly, Kenneth                         Hoover And The Un-Americans

Poole, John Hudson                     American Cavalcade

Roberts, Dan W.                           Rangers and Sovereignty

Sheridan, Philip                             Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan

Stafford, Mallie                             The March of Empire

Stone (Hale Will)                          Twenty Four Years a Ranchman

Stullken                                          Experiences on the Plains

Sullivan, Maurice                         The Travels Of Jedediah Smith

Swett, Morris                                Fort Sill A History

Taylor                                           Taylorís Thrilling Tales

Thorp, Raymond W.                    Spirit Gun Of The West  

Tucker, William                            The Grand Duke Alexis  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Utley, Robert                                 Custer And The Great Controversy

Utley, Robert                                 Four Fighters of Lincoln County

Utley, Robert                                 Custer and Me

Vinton, Stallo                                 John Colter Discoverer of Yellowstone Park

Vestal, Stanley                               Mountain Men

Walton, William M.                       Life And Adventures Of Ben Thompson

Whittaker, Frederick                     A Complete Life of Custer

Wright, John                                  Recollections of Western Texas

Younger, Cole                               The Story of Cole Younger


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